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There are many different types of transverse flute. The Indian bansuri is a plain bamboo flute as found in many Asian countries. The Irish flute is essentially the same as the 18th century European classical flute. The two Chinese transverse flutes featured here are both designed to sound reedy and penetrating: the bawu is sounded with a free reed (it's technically a reeded pipe but is usually thought of as a flute); the dizi has a vibrating membrane. The west African tambin is played by the nomadic Fulani tribe; their punchy style and singing into the instrument influenced flautists Herbie Mann and Ian Anderson.

All performances by Dirk Campbell

transverse flutes

Irish flute
Chinese bawu
West African tambin
Tambin - Fulani
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Irish flute - Ireland
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Dizi - China
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Bawu - China
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Bansuri - India
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Chinese dizi
Indian bansuri

Guo Yue, dizi 

Hariprasad Chaurasia, bansuri

Bailo Bah, tambin

Harry McGowan, Irish flute

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