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Reeded pipes

There are two types of reed, single and double. The zurna or shawm class of instrument uses a double reed in a conical bore pipe, producing a loud, wild sound similar to the Scottish Highland pipes. The arghul class uses a single reed and produces a quieter, more mellow sound. Single reeded pipes are often played in unison pairs with parallel finger holes, for example the Egyptian mijwiz or zummara. The arghul is played in Egypt and the Levant, with either a short or long drone. The Turkish sipsi is a single reeded pipe played without a drone.

Technically the duduk is a reeded pipe, but because of its increasing popularity and profile it merits a page of its own on this site here

Turkish zurna

Egyptian mijwiz

Turkish sipsi

Egyptian arghul

Turkish sipsi - Dirk Campbell
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Iranian sorna - Dirk Campbell
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Egyptian arghul - Dirk Campbell
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Egytian mijwiz - Dirk Campbell
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Indian shenai - Dirk Campbell
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Turkish zurna - Dirk Campbell
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All performances and arrangements by Dirk Campbell

Iranian sorna

Indian shenai

mijwiz player

sipsi player

Bismillah Khan plays shenai

sorna player

The Turkish military band (Mehter) with its massed zurnas and drums, struck terror into the heart of Europe during the Ottoman Empire

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