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Harps and lutes

West African
West African
kamale ngoni
Greek laouto
Moroccan gimbri
Greek laouto - Dirk Campbell
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Middle Eastern oud - Dirk Campbell
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Kenyan nyatiti - Dirk Campbell
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Two koras - Dirk Campbell
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All performances by Dirk Campbell
Uzbek rubab
Andean charango
Dolencias - Inti-Illimani
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Kora, charango, gimbri, quena
Uzbek rubab - Traditional
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Kamale ngoni - Dirk Campbell
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Oud player, Jerusalem 1859
Ayub Ogada, Nyatiti
Charango player, Bolivia
Bassekou Kouyate, ngoni
Saz player, Karakoy, Istanbul
Toumani Diabate, kora
West African ngoni
Middle eastern oud
Kenyan nyatiti
Greek laouto
Turkish saz
Turkish saz - Traditional
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West African ngoni - ~Dirk Campbell
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Gimbri player, Morocco

Although lutes and harps are not my main area - I'm a wind player primarily (see other pages on this site accessible from the home page) I have a good working acquaintance with plucked instruments; I've played guitar since childhood and was the bass guitarist of the prog rock band Egg, a very long time ago! I had lessons on nyatiti with Ayub Ogada when he first came to England and have spent many happy hours acquiring skills on kora, which I performed for Christian Henson on his film Summer Heat. Strummed instruments like laouto and charango present few technical problems while saz and ngoni require a little more preparation. 

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